Aloha! From a rock in the middle of the sea!!!!


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May 3, 2015
HI Gang, Just wanted to say Hi. I already used the site for info and Ive only had my box for 2 days!! (well my new box)
Ive been running an Element for a few months that has Kodi. I tried to be fancy and get my boy a cheaper model for cartoons ect..
But was misled and now Im learning about Gotham 13.2. Also the cheaper box was not configured well, thats where the site came in to play, great stuff here. I seem to have it running good now. I think? Is it possible for a regular joe to upgrade to Kodi. Or should I be fine with 13.2? Brad


Sep 29, 2012
US of A (Deep Deep South)
great to meet you @spideynut and welcome, this community never ceases to amaze me with the knowledge and willingness to help, so glad youve found it useful to date and hope to see you around

wrt your question, it is most definitely possible for a 'regular joe' to install or upgrade to kodi (especially with the help of this site), its also strongly recommended

there are circumstances in which continued use of gotham (13.x) is appropriate but for the most part you should really upgrade to helix (14.x), just take some time to search through the forum to find relevant guides and info, as you know help is never more than a post away if you encounter trouble or just have questions

if you want to get more familiar with the site my signature contains links to a lot of good reference materials

hope to see you around the forum 😉
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