Am I doing something wrong or does Kodi run terribly on the Fire HD tablets?


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Feb 22, 2017
My experience with Kodi has been on box devices like the Fire TV and Matricom G-box Q. This is my first time getting Kodi to run on a tablet and it's terrible. It locks the tablet into landscape mode which isn't terrible but I prefer to do portrait occasionally. The home and back buttons have disappeared but if I swipe up from the bottom of the screen they appear briefly for me to press, slightly annoying. The absolute worst part is trying to stream videos. I installed ******** and I got my accouby synced up so I can watch my TV and movies. I go and select some shows that have aired a week ago but they either take too long to play (close to 5 mins after pushing play) or not play at all. I tried other shows with episodes airing over a month ago and it still refuses to play.

Any advice on possible optimizations I could make or settings that should be adjusted? I'm using a Fire HD 10.

I know this sub forum is for Fire TV but this is the only Amazon product that has a sub forum.


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Nov 21, 2012
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Playing in Landscape mode is quite normal. It is the only way that Kodi will play on any device.

Losing your home and back button might be due to the skin you are using. If you use Estouchy, it should be there (sorry, I don't use that skin on my tablet).

Taking a long time to play or not at all could be due to a number of things. Dead links, maybe the addon you are using is defunct. You might be trying to play a video quality too high for your device. Best I can recommend is to try a Real Debrid account. You can get a month for less then $10 to give it a go and see if that works for you. I have 0 issues with any of my devices using Real Debrid.