Android TV Box wifi not working. Please help.


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Mar 3, 2014
I have a Android TV Box MX. It was working fine but now it wont connect to wifi. When I try to connect to wifi it says...

Refresh Access Point List... Select Your AP

Anyone seen this before? Please help me fix this. I plugged in another box the same and connected to wifi no problem.


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Jan 14, 2013
South Yorkshire
Have a look at this video for a complete reset,

Or try this wifi fix which Yorkie missed in the other thread that he linked to,
I'm guessing like mine the box has come with mbox firmware and not g-box from matricom firmware , most of the clones do.
Resetting it does re-enable the wifi and will enable you to reprogram your xbmc addons etc but usually fails within a day or so( well mine did) so decided to flash with 1.1.6 from the links posted, so far it's been fine and if it failed again then I would try the other fix, to be honest I'm preferring the g-box firmware as it has quite a few extra app installed and OTA which might be usefull further down the line and superuser which was not on my original box.

The links posted shows you how to do it, basically you need a sd card, the downloaded firmware from the link and a toothpick. That's it