android XM V


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Jan 25, 2017
i have an old android XM V i have been experiencing some problems, home page does not show any more and when i finally get some addon, i start watching a series or movie and i only can watch it for a few seconds and it goes back to where the squ**** MBOX, well i dont remember what it says, and now is not showing any thing, if anyone knows if i need a fresh start, roms, or i dont know what to do


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Nov 21, 2012
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I would reset the box itself. This will remove any addons you may have added and you will be at a fresh factory state. In your settings, you might have such an entry to reset to factory settings. If not, you may have to force a reset. You will need to google how it's done on your particular box. Some boxes have a small hole at the bottom or the back that you press while others have a combinations of keys to press to initiate the reset.

If you have the hole, it is quite simple. Unplug the box, use a paper clip or similar item to press the button in that small hole, while still pressing the hole, plug the box back in, hold the button (hole) for another 30 seconds or until the Android robot shows up with its gut hanging out. Release the button and follow the on site instructions. When done, you should have a factory fresh box.

Disclaimer: Perform above operation at your own risk. I have no knowledge of your box. Anything goes wrong, your box could easily become a brick.