Anything going on with the g-box midnight mx2?


Jul 21, 2012
ok so this week I got to play with the gbox mx2 and I really like it. I think I finally found my atv2 replacement. It perform just as well as the atv2 and their special xbmc addition allow you to easily use xbmc as a launcher. You can actually launch all your android apps from the xbmc program menu. For me this is great because the people I know that use only xbmc they can easily navigate the android box.

Now all of a sudden all the gbox mx2 seems to be sold out everywhere on the official sellers and wholesaler site. The firmware file for their latest firmware seems to be gone from the manufacturer site and the mirror links that I can find for it seems to be dead. It's almost like they're not going to put it out for sale anymore. I finally found a noob friendly xbmc box that even my grandmother can easily use and now it's gone?


New member
Feb 3, 2013
The box is great. It's a really good atv2 alternative. I ordered mine on monday of last week from Amazon. XBMC works great along with android apps and internet browser with flash. You can't beat this. I did notice it was sold out on Amazon by Thursday. Good news, I checked today on Amazon and its back in stock.