app for watching multiple programs


New member
May 19, 2015
i`d love to see an app developed, that would allowed you to select several programs in a row and then run the app so you can watch them all, one at a time without having to search the data base of tv programs or movies, every time what you were watching is over. it can be a bit of a drag, when after every time the program you selected ends, you have to select another program to watch. especially if you are busy with something else, and have to wait till you are done before you can go to your remote control for the box, back out of the program or movie you were watching and find another program or movie to watch. kinda like watching real tv, but without the commercials like the box provides. some times when i`m watching one of my shows on the box, i am in the middle of something else, and the box sits there idle, sometimes for hours, cause i haven`t picked up my remote and backed out of what i was watching and selected something new. it would be so much nicer if there was an app, that allowed me to program several tv programs and movies, to play one after the other, so i wouldn`t have to stop what i was doing and select a new program or movie to watch. bakersman94!!