Apple TV 2/NitoTV Help


New member
Jan 13, 2016
Hey all,

Im new to the forum as I have posted on several different ones but cannot receive any replies or help. I am hoping someone on this forum can help me, I've posted on a couple other forums and cannot get a response, so Im hoping someone here can help me solve this. I purchased an ATV2, I jailbroke it using Season Pass, I know this to have worked because it went through all processes with success and when I plug it into my TV, I see the FC logo in settings. Now, when I bring the ATV2 back to my computer (windows) I attempt to load NitoTV, initially, it will show my ATV in the list, but then when I hit select, after about 2 mins an error pops up telling me that my ATV2 is not jailbroken and to jailbreak it before proceeding. The ATV then disappears from the list and I cannot get it back until I plug it back into the TV and back to the computer again. This is a 5.3 untethered jailbreak, can someone please help me to solve this problem so I can install Nito and Kodi to my ATV?