Apple tv2, cannot finish seasonpass


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Jan 28, 2014
Hi I have been using my apple tv2 for over a year without updating it, when all the addons started to not work I went to update. I guess I needed to update to Frodo for the addons to work. Updated the apple tv2 as the directions on seasonpass and will not save the signature for me. when I plugged the apple tv2 back in the tv all I have is a blue screen and the lights blinking. I redid the whole process by first updating through Itunes, and same thing. It would go through the entire process, but when it get to the very end of saving the signature. It stops there and tells me that seasonpass cannot save the signature. Please any help would be greatly appreciated. I am doing this on a windows 7 computer.


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Oct 1, 2013
Which version of Seas0npass are you running? Are you sure it's the latest version 5.3 untethered. Did you follow this guide?

Even without saving the firmware you shouldn't have a blue screen upon launch. Strange, I personally would have just recommended you upgrade to Frodo without updating the firmware ([how-]-update-xbmc-latest-version-apple-tv-2-a.html).
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