ATV2 Kodi No Longer Showing


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May 21, 2016

I have an Apple TV 2 which was Jailbroken several years ago. It has been working fine with XBMC and then a couple of years ago I switched to Kodi TV Addons.

Just recently it has been randomly restarting so I tried to reinstall Kodi using the Nito Installer (that has been used successfully to refresh the system many times before).

The problem is when I re-installed Kodi the Icon has now disappeared and I cannot get it back. When using Nito Installer the ATV2 is supposed to reset itself (which it did the first try) but now it does not.

Any ideas?

It is still Jailbroken because I can SSH into it?

Do I need to reset it using iTunes - if so how do I prevent it updating the ATV2 as I understand Kodi and ATV2 will only work up to a specific software version. My ATV2 says Apple TV Software v5.0.2.

Many thanks for any advice you can offer (apart from get a new Apple TV or Fire Stick :) )


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Nov 21, 2012
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I hope someone can help you with this but don't hold your breath. ATV or ATV2 haven't been supported in a few years now. It is just normal that it does stop working at some point.

It might be time for you to update to a "up to date" system.