Bandwidth required for AliveGR?


New member
Nov 18, 2013
I'm currently trying to use AliveGR in Australia but finding that a lot of live streams or network replays either don't work or freeze constantly.

Is there a minimum required bandwidth to get the streams to work?

I currently have an ADSL2+ connection which max's out at around 16 Mbit/sec locally, I've run some speedtests to servers in Athens and manged to sustain around 6-7 Mbit/sec.

I've also tried to connect to Greek VPN servers but can only manage a connection speed of around 1-2 Mbit/sec if I managed to get a working stream.

I've been running on Kodi 17.6 for Windows 10 and have been checking the network performance in the background.

An example is trying to run Mega (3) without VPN turned on and streaming speeds are between 1-2 Mbit/sec.

Happy to provide any logs if required.