Request Best free or cheap VPNS DNS


New member
Oct 11, 2017
Im new to VPNs .
I know there are free VPNS, I think Google has one. Does anyone know of any good free VPNs? Or which is a good cheap one?

I see nordvpn and privateinternetaccess alot.

Also how do you set it up?

I am also sure there is a way to create your own vpn or dynamic IP to protect your info but I dont know how.

Are there any combo VPN and IPTV service?
I was looking for canadian iptv.

Also does anyone know where to find webhosts that allow you to post any content you want? Even porn? When i signed up to inmotion they told me I cant post porn related stuff or anything illegal or even legal stuff like guns which I thought was weird.

I use my site and forum for multiple uses but also to provide info on kodi, addons, iptv etc.

I am currently advertising this site to help out.