Best VPN region, countries for kodi video addons???


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Sep 19, 2018
hi all

There is so much advice about vpn providers good and bad but i cant find anything that says which regions you should use?

Are you likely to get more access from UK, USA, , another european country Africa? Australia?

When an add-on tells me no streams available is this likely ever to be the source IP location i am from?

OR is the lack of information about this a sign that actually i should juts use the closest vpn server to me.

basically what should i use as my default?

Im guessing fro local tv access eg , bbc i player would work better in the UK for example.

but what about the movie streaming add-ons?

what about international sports (football, boxing) streaming?

any guidance about which addons work best from which countries anywhere?


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Nov 21, 2012
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The region you use for a VPN is dependant on what you want to view. If you are in the UK and want to view NFL Football, you would choose a region in the US. If you are blocked by your ISP and are in the Kiwiland, you might want to use something in the UK or US or whatever is out of your ISP's jurisdiction.
If you simply want to protect your IP from prying eyes, you can select a region within your country. This will show a different IP from yours and protect you while giving you the fastest (maybe) connection.
As you can see, it depends on your end game and the speed you wish/need to accomplish.
No streams might actually mean exactly streams are available. A VPN will not give you more streams if none exist but it can if the links are censored by your ISP or Geo Blocked.
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