can one update kodi with out sd?


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Aug 3, 2015
Is it possible to update kodi on a pi with out having to use a sd card? I already have it installed on my pi but im at version 13 and was wanting to update to version 15. thanks


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Dec 16, 2012
Do it manually


Manually Updating OpenELEC
If Manual update option is selected then you will need to download the update to OpenELEC. This is ideal if the OpenELEC machine is not internet connected as you can download the new software package on another machine and provide the file to your OpenELEC.
First of all, head over to the downloads page and download the latest release of OpenELEC. You will need to download the standard software package, not the disk image version.
Now, from your PC, open an Explorer window and browse to the IP address of the OpenELEC machine (if you don't know what the IP address of your OpenELEC box is, go to the menu of the OpenELEC machine, and browse to the main item "System" and then look at the subitem "System Info". This will open a page that shows the IP address amongst other information.
So type this into the address bar of the explorer window. For example, if your OE machine's IP address is, browse to:
Once the window appears, open the "Update" folder share. There shouldn't be anything inside this share, unless you have another update pending. Copy the downloaded OpenELEC software (for example: OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-5.0.0.tar) to the folder.
Once the file has been copied, reboot the OpenELEC machine. OpenELEC will recognize the new software package in the update folder and update automatically. A second reboot will follow automatically to activate the new system files.