Cannot get BackUp or Indigo to work because my Kodi does not "see the desktop" (Mac)


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Feb 19, 2017
Cannot get BackUp or Indigo to work because my Kodi does not "see the desktop" (Mac)

I've been trying to find any instructions about what I am doing wrong here and everything I read simply does not go far enough toward solving my issue. When I try either BACKUP or INDIGO and get to the "Choose Backup Storage Location" screen - all I have is (in order of appearance and the same for either BackUp or Indigo):

External Storage,
Network File System,
Root filesystem,
UPnP devices,
Windows network,
Zeroconf browser"

But I do not have what most of the YouTube videos and self-help reference site show which is the DESKTOP or a FOLDER that I can access and save my Kodi configuration to. I have tried everything including going to the Finder and directly copying the string showing the location of the desktop folder I created for this purpose. Even that does not seem to work. Instead I receive an error message: "Write Error Detected, The destination may not be writeable. Would you like to continue?" If I select YES, it will go ahead and act like it is doing a backup, but since it can't save it obviously this is useless.

Why does my Kodi not "see" the Mac desktop or any files? Specifically what do I need to do to set this up properly? I know I am probably missing something simple, but I can't believe I'm the only person experiencing this inability to have their Kodi config see their Mac desktop. Yet I cannot find any reference site which explains this fully. Thank you


Aug 18, 2013
Most people including those on YouTube will be using a Windows PC, which is why your system does not replicate what they are seeing. I know nothing about Mac's but presumably you can find your desktop by going through the root filesystem option and navigating through the screens, perhaps to /Volumes/MyDrive/Users/MyName/Desktop/. Alternatively can't you just save it in a folder in the root filesystem somewhere?

Like I said, I have no knowledge of anything Apple but I suspect your problems will be related to permissions for the folders you are trying to use.


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Apr 18, 2015
Can you manually set up an absolute path as a Source in Kodi's File Manager? The Source name will then appear in your list when you come to set a file location and you will be able to use that.

On Android you access the file system via Browsing to \Root Filesystem\Storage\xxxxxxx and choosing the path via that. Don't know if it's the same for Apple or not though.