Can't change skins in Helix 14.2, only Confluence works


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Sep 27, 2015
I have a good working build of Helix 14.2 and it is running Confluence.
When I go to Appearance, Skins, Get More, no matter which one I choose from the available list, the file will download, get to 100% but then it does nothing. When I click back on the new skin that I wanted to install, it downloads it again and does nothing. Although it looks like the download completed successfully, when I go into Addons, I see the additional "Currently Downloading Add-ons" is displayed and won't go away even though when I click on this, it doesn't show any actual Add-on listed as being downloaded. It looks like my system is stuck in this state.

For some reason, I can't change the skin from Confluence.

I went through all of the options under appearance to see if there was a switch I was missing, I tried enabling the switch to allow Custom Backgrounds but that didn't help.

Any ideas?


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