Can't play streams through kodi/won't buffer ahead


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Jan 16, 2017
Hi I need some assistance - had an older goopi box which worked for for a couple of years then suddenly when using Ex**us or any other tv add on would cut off after a minute or so of playback and go back to the link screen. Decided to upgrade and buy a newer box now exactly the same thing is happening. Streams won't buffer ahead and only play a few seconds before cutting off. Tried the box at my brothers house and it works fine. Everything else in ml the house works fine on the Internet (fast downloads, streaming etc on my laptop and phone). Youtube works fine on the box as does sound cloud but anything through kodi just won't play. Have tried to alter buffer/cache sizes and this has made no difference. Any suggestions? Really frustrating


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Nov 21, 2012
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I already answered in your other post. You should really stick to one post per problem. Multiple posts makes it hard for you or anyone else to keep up with the troubleshooting.
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