Cast From Android (Allcast) To Chromecast


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Jan 31, 2014
Hi, if anyone is interested in watching TV wirelessly from their phone using Chromecast and the premium Allcast player, it is possible now. The Allcast player is $4.99 though. I put up a short video on YouTube showing how to do it.

Good Luck

Step 1. Download XMBC XAF version with External Player and Install it. It will not work without this special version.

XAF Link -

Download and Install◾XMBC XAF Custom Build for NEON Touch Screen Devices

It downloaded with an extension of .bin It wouldn't install so I changed the extension from .bin to .apk and then it installed with no problems.

You need to run xbmc once to set up the proper folders.

Step 2. Download and Install File Manager from the Google Playstore

Step 3. Download playercorefactory.xml at

In your sdcard, place playercorefactory.xml in the userdata folder using the following path.

Step 4. Download Allcast Premium App from the Google Playstore for $4.99

Step 5. You also may need the latest Google Play Services.

Step 6. Demonstration

Start Chromecast

Start XBMC - Start your show- Click the Cast Button and it automatically finds the Allcast Player and casts to the Big Screen.
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