Cast from Android(BubbleUPnp) to Chromecast


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Jan 31, 2014
I made a how to video on Casting Xbmc from phone to Tv using BubbleUpnP over Chromecast with Transcoding Capabilities for Flv, Avi, etc.

Video Location

Cast XBMC Channels from Phone to TV using BubbleUPnP over Chromecast

Notes: If you only want to play MP4's and MKV Formats, you can just do the parts highlighted in green on video.

If you want to play Transcoded FLV's, etc. over Chromecast, go to step 1.

Step 1. Download and Install BubbleUPnP Windows Server on a computer. Download the Windows Installer.

I needed to change my Public Host name from Default to Localhost to get internet connectivity.

Step 2. Open port 58050 on your router.

Step 3. Download and install BubbleUPnP Android on phone from Google Playstore. Free version has 20 minute maximum for transcoded files. $4.69 for full version.

Devices - Renderer set on Chromecast and Libraries set on Local Media Server.

Settings..Networks and settings..Unset...Server Address is http://What's my IP:58050

Settings...Chromecast....Transcoding - Check box

Settings...Networks and settings - Various Settings regarding bitrate and transcoding speeds.

Step 4. Download and install correct XBMC XAF Android Version for your phone. It won't work without the external player version. You have to run Xbmc once to create the folders needed for Step 4.

Show XBMC settings.

Step 5. Download Modified BubbleUpnP Playcorefactory.xml and put it in this directory using File Manager which can be downloaded from the playstore.



On Computer - Start BubbleUPnP Windows Server

On Phone - Start Xbmc, Choose Channel and Episode, BubbleUPnP will open automatically and Cast to Big TV, Wait for FLV to Transcode, usually 1-2 minutes, Watch.
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Nov 15, 2012
What if I want to use the open XBMC install on my Windows computer? It pulls up my add-ons and I even get as far as sending the video from an addon such as 1Ch**nel to the Chromecast but it never actually plays the video. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?