Ceton infinitv 4 and HD Prime server for xbmc


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May 9, 2012
Just thought I'd throw this one out there since it does involve XBMC

Anyone with an HTPC with a (PCIe ceton infintv 4 card, usb ceton infinitv 4, and HD Homerun Prime) cable card tuner can stream live cable tv from that PC to any xbmc box locally and or globally.

Also works really nice with any iOS device even on 3G. Not sure about android

Not sure I can post a link so just google xbmc ceton tv and select first link.

Gotta give credit to mcheng89 and others for a great piece of software


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Feb 29, 2012
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Ha nothing! Just helped at a glance to know it wasn't SPAM... Selling a product at a specific link. Love the idea of letting users google and find it. But there is obviously, as you know I'm sure, no problem with sharing links to stuff you like. I share links often ;)

Link away my little children... Link away!