Clear Cache on ATV1G


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Dec 27, 2012
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I have searched high and low for instructions on how to clear the cache on my atv 1st gen. There is plenty of information on how to do this on ATV2, which is very much appreciated as I own one of those as well. I have searched these forums and the old forums, as well as google. I have also searched the wiki to no avail. The one post in the old forums that even mentions it is this one: . Someone asks on down in response, "Is is it not the same as ATV2?" No, it isn't. There is no "mobile" folder in atv1g like there is in atv2. There are different folders in atv1g such as mmt and frontrow.
So, if there is any wonderful kind soul out there who can direct me to the folders in which to clear up my storage, I will love you forever and bake you cookies.

Second question: I have an advanced settings file in my atv1G. It contains the following information:

Should I delete this or edit it?

The reason I am asking these questions is because I am having issues with the cache getting full and not being able to watch movies properly. I just cleaned out my atv2 cache and VOILA no more problems.

Perhaps there is another solution? I'm open to suggestions. However, I have about all the knowledge I need, I believe, on CrystalHD cards and the like. I do not have one, but I only ever seem to have problems when the cache gets full.

Thank you in advance for anyone who can provide information.


Mar 23, 2012
I would recommend to delete the advancedsettings file it uses your hd as unlimited buffer if set to 0 so when it gets to big the movie stops or XBMC restarts. I don't know where it holds the other cache though or even if there is one on atv1 but the above could possibly solve your problem.