New member
Dec 3, 2018
I have found a big problem that for some reason no one has address for some reason. The problem is that there are some networks on kodi that are either blocked or restricted. Networks like discovery, investigation discovery, National Geographic to name a few will only play a very small percent of content and it’s all old dated content. And some networks play all content. I have tried at least 20 Add ons with the same results. Made sure to include add ons with different scrapers. So because it’s the same networks every time no matter what add on and no matter what device I tried 3 I know the problem is not with my config. So I just want to know who or what is restricting the new shows on those networks. I wish people would address obvious problems to safe all of us some time. I can’t believe no one else noticed shows not playing from a handful of networks. Please let me know if there is a fix to this. It seems good popular shows are restricted while less popular ones are widely easily available