Connection Issues


Apr 18, 2017
I have major connection issues with my new X96 Air running Android 9 and Kodi 18.7. The only way I can install anything on it is to do a back up from my old X96 mini and restore it on the X96 Air. If I install a new repository from scratch on the AIR it will not connect (I know everything is correct because if I follow the same procedure on the MINI it works fine). I also cannot get any debrid accounts to work on the AIR yet they will work fine on the MINI.
The one thing I have noticed which I do not know if it makes a difference or not is that in the Android 9 network settings the DNS is set to Automatic. I cannot change it, if I turn it off or choose my own it just reverts always back to Automatic. I'm at wits end as to what is going on...any help would be greatly appreciated.


Staff member
Nov 21, 2012
The Halls of Valhalla
This not a Kodi issue so not sure we can help. I would uninstall everything and start fresh. It could be as simple as a corrupt install. If that won't work it might be necessary to reset all of your Android OS.