context menus appear instead of next screen opening


New member
Aug 2, 2016
magic boxx model mxq kodi ver 14.2
whenever i press OK on the remote, i get one of 2 context menus (instead of opening the stream). the context menus are:
(1) add to favorites, addon settings, upload kodi log
(2) play from here, add to favorites, addon settings, update kodi log
example: generes > westerns >
when i select westerns and press OK on remote, it should give an arrow going in a circle with the word "working" behind it and then open a screen with the movie titles to select from - instead, it opens one of the two context menus. if i keep cancelling the context menu, going back to the previous screen and repeating the above steps, it will eventually open the the next screen and allow me to select a movie title, then open a stream , and watch the movie.
at first i thought this was a remote prob. until i bought a mini keyboard with touchpad. whenever clicking "enter" on the keyboard (same as OK on remote) same prob - context menus appear instead of opening next screen. so now i'm thinking maybe its not a remote prob.
the prob is not as bad when i open tv shows instead of movies > Ex**us. this box is totally worthless like it is - i've only had it about 2 months. do i have a defective box, remote, software or what. am considering contacting my seller for a refund/replacement.
any help/suggestions very much app