Copy existing setup to new Pi


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May 19, 2013
Hi everyone

I've got a Pi which boots from SD and runs from USB3 and is very quick . It's running Frodo and I'm very happy with it, I'm not sure if I amended some of the settings when installing.

I've now bought a 2nd hand pi which came with an SD card and USB3 (Not sure which it's running from) which has Gotham on it. However this is nowhere near as fast as my Frodo version.

Is there a way to take an exact copy of my Frodo setup Md apply it to my new Pi? If there is could you please explain in really simple terms.



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May 22, 2014
Use win32diskimager to make an image of SD card and use USBIT to make an image of the usb stick
Make sure the new sd card and usb stick are the same size as the ones you're getting the image from
Format the new sd card and usb with SDFormatter
Then just write the images on them and it should be exactly like your original setup
works for me all the time....good luck