Crypto miner


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Sep 2, 2015

What do you guys thinks about this?

My streams get loaded, then the wheel turns, the play icon comes up on the upper right corner, then the stream dies and I am back to the streams list.

When I investigated the logs I saw a bunch of error, but I don't have the technical know how to really understand what was going on, so I checked my antivirus log. I have Convenant, ****** and ************ on Kodi 17.6 freshly installed


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Nov 21, 2012
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Sorry, we do not support these addon as they are infringing. However, a typical reason for such addon so stop working could be slow internet connection, slow hoster, dead link or many other reason. Use our maintenance tool to clear cache, remove extra thumbs or packages. If you have too much on your box it could simply make is slugish and make it difficult to run anything. If you have a build, it could do the same thing.

It also depends on what box you are using. A firestick will require maintenance more often than a PC or Shield.