Dev Tools

Hey, starting a set of Dev Tools for Developers (plugin.devtool.*), So I'm thinking maybe an overall fanart for the series. A decent sized .jpg (with a .psd including separated layers for future use).

Also am looking for someone to make up an icon.png (512x512px or lower size) for a few addons.
I'm releasing a Stand-a-lone version of my Url Tester Tool that I've had in my addon, The Binary Highway, for a very long time.
Next is Text Reader.
Finally is Text Editor, which Text Reader is based off of. Reason for both, is cause the Text Editor is very simple and doesn't allow for very much at all due to the limitations of "edit" type control, which btw doesn't seem to work well if at all with a "scrollbar" type control. Hinse, why Text Reader got a "textbox" type control that looks a lot better. Also, cause it takes a little control-home on keyboard to get text scrolled to where its readable on "edit" type control.