Discontinued apple tv2


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Aug 5, 2013
I'm a mac user, iPhone user, so yeah all of my music is in iTunes.

Having a couple ATV's around the house has been awesome, people are blown away at parties when across several floors of my house and outside on the deck I have the same music playing.

That has all be done very affordably because of the ATV (and their tight grip on my music).

Moving everything would be a major PITA.

If I can keep netflix and Kodi 14.1 running for awhile longer yet I'll be pretty happy.


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Jun 10, 2014
I do not need AirPlay but I need the possibility to stream movies (mp4's) full screen and in720p (and best would be with subtitles) from my Mac to my TV. I also want to have access to HBO and Showtime, and I - of course - also want to have Kodi.

What would be the best alternative to an Apple TV to do that? - Roku? Chromecast? Fire TV?
its all about opinion...Id say fire tv is the fastest, anything faster will be considerably more money. Rpi 2 is supposedly very fast and cheap but no netflix, hbogo etc.
My advice would be to hold off if you can. There are better boxes coming in 2015.Another option, if you want the best, is to pickup a fire tv stick in the mean time. Only sets you back 40 bucks, great for kodi, got hbo and netflix...that way when the best box reveals itself you wont feel like you wasted a ton of money AND youll have a device thats good for travel--makes a great device for the kitchen if you have a small tv with limited counter space or maybe the garage or wherever, doesnt get more portable and still be that good.