display settings issue


Aug 16, 2012
hi I'm running the latest version of Leia.6 on my Nvidia shield and am experiencing a bit of an issue with the display. prior to having this issue I was trying to get some 4k hdr test content to play from my nas and flag up and trigger hdr mode on my Bravia. it was playing but not triggering hdr mode on my TV so I changed the display settings in Kodi to 4k and did the over scan calibration too. that still didn't work bit i got it o work by changing the HDMI input on my tv to 4 k Enhanced. problem I have now is that all content which i play from my nas both 1080 and 4K is playing with thick black bars on both sides of the screen. ive had to change the display settings in Kodi to 1080 in order to get both 1080 and 4k content to play without the bars on the sides of the screen but as my tv is a 4 tv om not sure I am having to set the display to 1080 to get it to play content without the bars, other apps like vlc play content without the bars. Any idea what might be going on and how i could resolve this?