Download help questions ok to post?


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Feb 17, 2014
thought i may have seen somewhere might not be ok to ask download questions....sorry if thats the case, feel free to delete this or tell me so i can.......
but if it is ok then wats the best way to have a download queue that ideally will not tell u when there is an error or ask if u want to retry and will just god daaaaaaarn retry after it hit 78 % and has an error. YES i want to retry!

i'm looking for basically a way simliar to itunes when u line things up to download and if u quit itunes or net goes down etc, then it automatically picks back up from where it left off continuing to load when back on.

i use N*vi X queue but if it has an error then the file disappears off queue!
i select a couple direct dwnloads in ****up but see now way to c a queue and if a file loads only half and i see that on atv1 storage i don't c a way to tell it to get the rest of file.

sorry for not great description but just best way to do this would b greeaaat help.
and jdownloader i cant find a vid tutorial of actually using the thing, not just adding it, but actually using it. thnx all:confused::confused::confused::confused:
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