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Dec 22, 2014
Can someone explain why when i open my minix 8h and check download speed i get 95.3 meg and 55 upload speed.but when i open Kodi and check speed its about 20 meg download .I am on Ethernet with a 5 ft cable.
my provider is for 150 download up and 55 upload. Something is causing my speed to drop big time.
Hope some can explain what is going on and if i can fix the problem.

Thank You


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Apr 18, 2015
Presumably you run a Speed Test app from Android which is where you get that 95.3Mbs figure from. If you run that same Speed Test app from within Kodi by shelling out to it what figure do you then get?


Dec 20, 2013
1. How (what app) did you test internet speed initially?
2. How did you test internet speed with Kodi open?
3. Was Kodi playing a video when you did the second test?


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Aug 23, 2016
Speed test should only be used as a guideline and taken with a grain of salt... The speeds they toss out are rarely representative of what you will actually get...

There are many factors for this, including the fact that many ISPs give priority bandwidth and no throttling to popular speed test sites, but not all speed test sites, this alone can cause all sorts of differences... Also the size of the test file can change results as many ISPs will give priority band-witch to the first so many MB of a new connection then throttle it back if the file exceeds whatever MBs in size... There is also the routing between you and the test site, if you use a test site that is located close to you the results can be night and day over a site located on another continent due to the connection path... And the list could go on for what changes speed test results...

Best bet to just use a speed test as a reference point with a big grain of salt on the side...

For example if I go to on my computer, and start clicking on different speed test locations within a few hundred miles of my location on the map my speed fluctuates just as much as you are seeing, and they are all still local speed test locations...
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