Droidbox with Linux and XBMC


New member
Jan 5, 2016
Hi Guys
Hopefully someone can help me.I have a Droidbox M3 with an amlogic 8726(at least it said on the box it was an M3,I can't see anywhere in the box hardware details referring to this)with a Mali 400 graphics chip.The processor,if it helps,is an ARMv7 rev4.
The image that's flashed onto it is Linux level 2.6.34 and the XBMC level is v12.I've only been able to get this one image from the supplier and that was over 2 years ago just after I first bought it.
I'd like to upgrade to Kodi,if possible.I've tried the XBMC upgrade in the Maintenance Plugin but no joy,same when I tested that on my laptop.Does anyone have any ideas on this.Cheers.Mark