"ExpressVPN" causes KODI to hang... Anyone ever have this issue?


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Jun 26, 2018
Hello everyone.
I'm on my last few days of a trial with ExpressVPN which by all reviews and searches I have done is allegedly the best and fastest. I have chatted with their support numerous times and tried all types of protocols, locations, etc... I'm in Ottawa, Canada. It's supposed to work seamlessly with ExpressVPN.
(It's worth noting that I never had this big an issue while using P.I.A. as my VPN provider.)

My next step is to trial NordVPN which is as good from what I read, I'll see if that solves it.

Here are my signs and symptoms when running Kodi:
I believe that it's occurring anytime there is a "handshake" with Express VPN. When KODI is first launched or a Kodi addon is launched (basically every time there is a connection attempt by Kodi). Quick fix? I disable ExpressVPN and instantly KODI runs normally and well. (I use Peerblock to protect my PC while VPN is off). Yes, despite kill switch, there is always a delay and some sites like "Government Blacklist" attempt connection.

Apologies for rambling, basically just asking if anyone has ever had this type of problem with KODI?
I'm considering blowing Kodi up and re-installing it but, will wait for any feedback or fix when I try NordVPN
Thank you for any assistance.