external hard drive and the AFTV...having no luck


New member
Dec 22, 2015
I had read through the entire stickied thread above on adding a HDD to the fire tv but im getting nowhere with it.

The hard drive is a powered WDBAAU0010-HBK 1tb drive.

I have a rooted fire tv running software version Ive added a non powered 4 port USB hub to the fire box and when i attach my external drive the fire TV recognizes it with a message saying something to the effect of its discovering a usb drive but nothing happens after that. My external drive is a powered unit so i don't believe that's the problem. Ive installed Stcikmount APK 3.33-33 and tried mounting using it but again...it gets me nowhere. Im using stickmount version 3.33-33. Is this the newest build of stickmount?

So my question is how do i get the AFTV to recognize the WD hard drive? Is it possible to mount the hard drive without reformatting to FAT32?