external hd set up


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Dec 4, 2015
south wales uk
can anyone please help. trying to set up seagate 1 tb ext. hd on my xclone x4. have tried several methods reccomended and no luck.set it up on add source root file, cant find it after i go into mnt. tried on genesis ,changed downloads to sda1 comes up download item not video then no stream.


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Dec 2, 2015
Hello macozdog

Going by the word "sda1" you have looked in the "install from zip" or "Gensises" window and checked your two machines are married up.

Did you have a file setup in your seagate "storage" to train the downloader on.

Remember to have both movies & tv "downloads" trained on the same file.

Also make sure the link is working by trying it first, once all that is done, stop the video, the working link should be at the bottom of your TV set etc, that is the one you want to download, if successful you'll notice updates at the bottom right of your set telling you how the progress is going, and where its being download too.

If this fails try a normal USB file and see if you have any luck.

Try a short TV (less mb) video

Good luck