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Mar 22, 2018
hello, im not sure i am posting this in the correct place, sorry if it should be somewhere else.

I have been looking for the answer to this question for quite a few days now and i am completely unsure how to figure it out. I have been starting at my pc for hours trying to figure it out with no luck.

so here is my situation

I was trying to reinstall ******** on my apple tv 2, and i have no idea what i did, but i can not install the addon, or any addon for that matter. When i try and install one it starts the download at 0% and then just stops. I got frustrated trying to figure out why my apple tv is doing this and gave up. I now have Kodi 17.x installed on a windows 10 pc and running ********/neptune on there. Everything is fine and dandy, i can do away with my old apple tv, the quality of picture is not that good anyway. So....my problem

I have about 50 different tv shows saved as favourties on my apple tv, i would love to just load up ******** and make a copy of the list of the tv shows, but i can no longer get ******** to work on my apple tv (if anyone has a suggestion to get it working of the little description i provided to fix it im willing to try anything) i have been searching through the files on my apple tv with cyberduck looking for where this info is stored. I have found the favourites file for kodi/xbmc, but not for the ******** addon itself. it seems there is two different favourites files, and i am unable to find the correct one. I am retrieving the current file from: /private/var/mobile/library/preferences but this is not the correct one i need.

I loaded ******** on my windows 10 machine to see if i could reverse the steps and find out where the files are being saved. there is two separate options to add favourties within ********, one saves it to the kodi files, and one to the ******** favourites themselves. Is there anyone out there that knows the file location of the ******** specific favourite folder that i can access even the list of shows i have saved on there. Any help is greatly appreciated. I know they need to be stored somewhere on my apple tv, despite removing the addon, as i have removed and reinstalled before, and it maintained the files in the ******** favourtires. sorry if i rambled and got confusing but i tried to provide as many details as i can.


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Nov 21, 2012
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Apple 1 and 2 are no longer supported and you will likely never be able to get any newer addons to work on them. Your favorite may not be retrievable. Best bet is to redo your favorite anew. Even better, so this won't happen again, create a Trakt account at Trakt.tv, (it is free) and save your movies or shows to a custom list. This way, it will be available on all devices at any time. Even if you redo a setup or switch to another device.