Jan 21, 2014
Featherence v0.7.0 (16-01-17)
- ***Added Krypton support***.
- Added action information in skin design window for Buttons, Sub Buttons and Widgets.
- Added Artist Slideshow support (WIP).
- Added auto-skin resolution support for touch devices and new TV with high resolution.
- Added feature to show video/audio OSD by mouse clicking the top information bar.
- Added left menu settings icon for skin's views.
- Added option to ignore fanart for movies/tvshows widget.
- Added music visualation support.
- Added Party Mode feature to music library.
- Added Premiered information to Side List view instead of year when available.
- Added ScrollBar support to PVR Guide window.
- Added show ratings feature to Side Wall view.
- Added Topvideoinformation layer for DialogFavourites window.
- Major update of skin animation performance (Less slow down!).
- Minor bugs fix.
- Minor update of skin layouts.
- Minor update of SmartPlaylistEditor window.
- Minor update of widget's labels design.



Jan 21, 2014

Featherence v0.7.1 (02-Feb-17)
- Added icons to power off sub buttons.
- Added view addons changelog button for Krypton.
- Bugs fix:
+ Always show volume level on mute.
+ Circles shapes + reshape/bigger icons features.
+ Clear fanart preview.
+ Colour focus keyboards buttons.
+ Fade time between different skin windows transition.
+ Issue with setting fanart to a single sub menu.
+ MyPVRGuide + DialogPVRInfo topvideoinformation.
+ Play random trailers (from widget).
+ Texture fanart background.
+ Sub Menu action feature (in different language then English).
+ Widgets actions information in skin design window.
+ Others..
- Major update of Cross Fade Time (Multi-Fanart feature).
- Minor update of addon settings window.
+ Description are smaller in height and can be auto scroll by demand.
- Minor update of skin design pop up.
+ 0.5 sec delay added in order to see the current fanart when editing.
+ Improved please wait screen and preview.
+ Remember last fanart for preview purpose.
- Minor update of Allow thumbnail fanart feature to support all skin views.
- Minor update of skin design settings information.


Jan 21, 2014
Learn how to fully customise Featherence skin (Kodi).

Featherence first release was on Dec 2015.
About one year later it's finally here!
This video will guide you through all the options available in Featherence.
I really put a lots of efforts in order to release this video, i hope you will find it useful as i do <3



Jan 21, 2014
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Featherence v0.7.2 (10-Apr-17)
- Added 3 different weather fanart packages (Skin Settings).
- Added 8 different weather icons packages (Skin Settings).
- Added DialogGameControllers window.
- Added High Performance option (Skin Settings).
- Added new category Add-in in skin settings (Easily install and manage Featherence's dependencies).
- Buttons Layout is now selectable.
- Clicking on the left menu icon will pop it up.
- Clicking on the Top Bar while video is playing will open it up and the video OSD.
- Minor bugs fix.

- Major design update.
- Minor update of some dialogues windows.
- Position has been slightly improved.

- Added support for additional 10 main buttons (total of 20+7).
- Added auto ID fix for bugged main buttons.
- Major update of Vertical layout.

Overall Design:
- Added light black frame to every poster image.
- 2D Buttons are now perfect squared with no radius (Across the skin).
- Main Color now effect thumbnails border and fill them up when needed.
- Major overall design updates (A lots of design prespective as been updated!).
- Major update of Dialogs windows.
- Major update of EPG timeline window.
- Major update trailers OSD buttons.
- Minor update of SettingsProfile window.
- Minor update of Weather window.

- Major reduce of Textures.xbt size.
- Apply Power of Two Rule for all skin images.
- Major reduce of unnecessary animations and layers of images.
- Auto Trigger feature for ignoring extensive images processing during some instances.

Top Information Bar:
- Added MPAA, Ratings and Votes to DialogVideoInfo window.
- Added two more sizes for top information bar.
- Icons are now auto trigger on idle in the position of the time information.
- Major design update.
- Video Information is now triggered only when there are enough info.

- Added Covers Distance and Full Fanart features to Line view.
- Added option to show video duration for Side List view.
- Added Sliding/Fade Animation for some views.
- Fade Animation is set to default for some views.
- Major design update.

- Added full genres support.
- Added Super Widget feature. You may now assign a path for a button which will generate a complete dynamic widget.
- Added Widget Position, Show Rating, Widget Shrink and Widget Fade features.
- Added widget preview for easier configuration.
- Major design update.
- Major update of Widget animations and overall design.
- Minor update of widget script.
- Selected widget is more noticeable.
- Widgets are now available during video playback (Size reduced!)
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