Find a Job in Toronto Etobicoke Help!


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Oct 11, 2017
What are some of the best places to work at here?
What places are hiring and easy to get hired?
What places, jobs that have opportunities for advancement, promotion?
Any laid back places that dont require a suit?
Near Lakeshore Bloor, Kipling South Etobicoke

It seems like most jobs today require a license or certification.

I am 31, I have had a very hard time finding a job since getting my business degree in 2014.
I have considered going back to school but for now I am trying to figure out what I want and where I can find a job. I have 17 years work experience, 13 years in an office.

I have a lot of random skills and worked in different industries. I do not have many job connections in terms of networking. Which has been hard since its the only way to get a job besides temp jobs. I dont know many people. I wish I could find a networking event to make connections.

I have no idea what I want to do as a career, changed my mind hundred times. I also dont know what job positions I am capable of applying to. I dont even know what keywords to search for on indeed. I only use indeed because it pulls postings from other sites.

I also would like a job close to home because I dont have a car and it takes at least 2 hours to travel anywhere on TTC. I live by Lakeshore, Kipling, Brownsline area. If I could get something close to the Lakeshore, Bloor, Royal York area, it would be terrific.

I have considered getting a job at a car parts store or mechanic shop, to get discount car parts, so I can get a car. Or even a car insurance place.

I do have automechanic skills but no 310s license.

Quick Work Experience & Skills

Office administrator, clerk, college admin/ dean/ campus manager, project manager, medical records tech 2, data entry, order entry, invoicing, purchasing, purchase orders, team lead/supervisor, customer service, bank teller CSR at TD,
credential examiner/registration of PSW registry,
Marketing Manager, Online marketing advertising, google analytics, adwords, social media manager, content writer, CSR on phone, person, email,
Paperwork processing at Raymond James Financial
Wordpress, website building, SEO, Google ranking, profile listings, increase views 17k,
Simply Accounting learned in college.
Microsoft Office, word, excel, pivot tables vlookup, outlook, Microsoft Dynamics CRM & AX, Publisher, little bit of Adobe and Photoshop.

I am thinking of learning salesforce, since a lot of jobs require it for CRM.

I was going to try CSC but realized not many jobs. I was going to try social worker diploma because of high pay and easy job.

I was thinking jobs in a construction company or automotive sector might be easier and laid back.
But might be limited in growth and advancement.
My gf has alwats worked for construction companies, mainly sales. I am terrible at sales. I dont have a salesman personality, too shy. Otherwise, I would do sales and love commission.

I was also thinking maybe part time jobs might be good because they pay higher. So if I work two part time jobs, I could make twice the money.

I am useless for physical labor jobs, I wish I was stronger.

I considered getting a car and trying uber, my own rideshare, or taxi or a delivery job but no car yet and car insurance is very high. Figure about $600 monthly at least to own a car.

I need to do something quick to pay off debts.

I figure I should pay down my debt maybe 4 months, then get a car if I can?

In college for business, I learned accounting, finance, economics, marketing, strategic management, HR, Math, investments, much more.

I am also tech savvy. With kodi and android boxes.