Firmware 1.1.7S Beta


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Feb 10, 2014
The latest beta firmware has been released. I'll try to keep this post updated as more content becomes available.

Firmware 1.1.7S Beta
We are pleased to announce a new beta firmware for our G-Box Midnight MX2.

It is currently a work in progress and is ready for a beta release.

This is an improvement on the 1.1.7S Alpha that we had released earlier this year and introduces fixes for a lot of the content. We are hard at work in updating our box's firmware. Please report all bugs to our

Airplay working (non DRM material)
SuperUser now data and not sys
HW Keyboard on by default (If using a remote only turn this off)
VideoCap libs packaged
MX2 Settings updated mapped from sys
MX2 Launcher more stable
MX2 Launcher apps on right window view
WFD updated for newer products
Widevine level3 < lev1
Scaling persistance lowered
USB Monitor updates (needs manual IDC)
IDC catch touch added
LCD enhancements (green screen)
De-interlaced problem fixed
Dual screen menu's passing from Matri-amplayer
Better app management (autoflush)
Playstore alpha bug taken care of (stack issue)
Mult*********er added \ Airplay
DAO adapted to proper area
ScreenSaver \ Daydream added
Video Output Modes (non-filtered)
Wifi auto-start off (causes mixup)
Auto Output mode defaults to TV Freq now
App orientation handling for setup (software)
MOTA udpated (app repo, but all moving to Recommended soon)
Recovery remap\ EXT4 error fixed
Loads of other small fixes.


Various AVC codec enhancements
Repo removed - (optional version)
Speed up exit + init
Faster file listing
Faster Android listing
Audio core system changes improves buffering
Faster video init
Fixed audio blip on long pause
MPEG2 HD files playback issue fixed
AudioSync on high bitrate settled
Airplay-re-enabled (caused issues with android before)
Better networking managment \ faster seek
Video player better handling
Full Keyboard layout (including Caps and Shift)

Remote button tie-in
Android = android list
Video = Video
Network = Network Manager
Music = Music
File = File Browser
Photo = Picture
Setup = Settings
Issues still needing resolution:

mpeg2 playback (DVD ISO for example)

These are issues are currently being addressed and will be updated in this thread.

Download Links
Follow the guide on how to reflash the MX2 at
February 12, 2014


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Sep 4, 2013
B.C. Canada
Hi, I will just bet that if I take a chance and put this latest firmware update on my now smooth running mx2, it will wreck what I have. I will wait till about 10,000 downloads, then if it is safe I will try it. Do not want to be the test guinea pig.

I recently tried a Spor**dev*l update program that was supposed to make Spo*ts De*il better. Did everything as outlined in the setup guide. Guess what happened. Spo*ts De*il does not work anymore as of two days ago. Worked fine before I took the chance!

When you can guarantee there are no issues, let us MX2 owners know.



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Feb 10, 2014
This will eventually hit the OTA update from what I understand, but right this is more testing and users who want the latest firmware on their device. Once it's ready for the prime time, it should appear as an update on your device.


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Jan 16, 2014
Can anyone help me, I'm getting an error when installing this.

assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device") == "mx2ref" || getprop("") ==

E:Error in /sdcard/
(Status 7)

E:Error in /tmp/sideload/
(Status 7)
I've tried downloading it again with the same result.