fix the sub menu problem with the nexus remote step by step


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May 14, 2012

1 down load file to computer

2 (nexus player) go to google play install es file explorer and air share

3 open air share select pc/mac sharing/ gen unique browser

4 type in url on pc or mac/ choose file you downloaded/ click ok

5 open up es file ex/ on left scroll down till you see show hidden file( turn it on )

6 go to downloads find nexus file /hold down centre button/ go to bottom click copy

7 go to android/data/kodi/files/kodi/userdata/keymaps/ and paste

8 thats it reboot your all done


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Sep 10, 2015
What does this fix exactly?
the google np remote doesn't have enough buttons so you won't be able to add anything to favorites etc. in kodi without mapping the play/pause button to make it have a context menu/right click action. by default when pressed, it'll work the same way as the center enter button inbetween the directional keys so that means you basically have two buttons that do the same thing when used in kodi
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Oct 31, 2015
Ahh perfect! This is what I need. I can't get menu button to work to come up in Linux Deploy in order to get NHL to work under Pho*nix for live streaming. It's a 75 step process and I am on like step 12. This may do the trick. I even bought an Amazon fire stick remote to use the menu button. I tried the Keymap Editor too to no avail. Thanks!
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