Flixtor Promises to Return More Resilient and Better than Ever

Eleazar Coding

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Oct 10, 2013
Jerusalem, Israel
http://torrentfreak.com/images/Pho*nix-e1496819402223.pngLast Tuesday Flixtor became unreachable after its domain nameservers were updated.
Initially, the domain name’s A records were removed, and later they were set to localhost, making the site unavailable.
Without any official word from the operators, many users feared that this could be the end of their favorite streaming site. This was particularly painful for those who paid for VIP access.
For these users, there is a glimmer of hope today. All of a sudden, the Flixtor website is accessible again. The usual list of movies and TV-shows is missing due to an unexplained catastrophe, but that will change.
“As you’ve probably noticed, Flixtor is down. And the way it was done is difficult to recover from. We’re pretty heartbroken because all the work and love we’ve put into it went down the drain,” the notice reads.
The Flixtor crew doesn’t provide any further details on what happened, but they’re working on a full return. The site will be rebuilt with new video software, a process that will likely take some time.
“We’re currently writing fresh new video software, setting up new hardware and we’ve started with the rebuild of our complete video library. Please be patient because unfortunately, this takes time.”
The old Flixtor

The team promises to compensate its VIP users when the site is back, encouraging them to keep their receipts around. Even for those without a receipt, they’ll figure something out.
As often happens when a site goes offline, many copycats appear. This hasn’t been any different in Flixtor’s case and the operators caution users to beware of these impostors.
“Please be aware that every other site claiming that they’re (the new) Flixtor is lying. It should be obvious because we don’t have advertisements, no pop-ups, no malware, no viruses, no tracking, no logging etc. And even if a site says they’re us and/or looks like us, it’s really not us,” they write.
Meanwhile, the Flixtor team apologizes for any inconvenience they have caused. They’re determined to make a comeback and if there’s an update on the relaunch date it will be posted on the site.
“We’ll be back. More resilient and better than ever,” they write.
Flixtor’s message

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