Free stream link database

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Apr 23, 2020
As shown on the home page, the motto of TVaddons is "stream anything for free". I think it is time to keep that promise by creating a database of free streams -- with EPG data included, when it is freely and legally published somewhere online. I am proposing an application framework for EPG scrapers, and a database which cross references channel ID & stream links with the appropriate EPG scraper for each channel. This can be implemented as a web service which supports user accounts that store a list of favorite channels. Use IPTV simple client on Kodi to download stream links & EPG data for ONLY those favorite channels. If this presents too great a load on the server, one alternative option is to automatically download EPG scrapers for favorite channels to the client instead. Then the client fetches EPG data directly from various web sites, but still obtains stream links from the central repository (similar to RadioBrowser.) Allow users to submit stream links to the database (like Channel PEAR & RadioBrowser). This system could work reliably if it only supports the free channels which do not frequently change their URL. For subscription services there are other solutions.