General question , where should I save it.


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Dec 31, 2014
Hi. Love Kodi so far at least what I can get it to do. I have a general question, but can't seem to find a thread to ask it. So I am going to post it here and hope someone is kind enough to answer it. When saving TV shows there are many choices, Library, add on favorite, Kodi Favorite, Super favorite, where is the best place to save shows (talking complete series) if there is one,?what are the differences? And can any of the choices be turned into PSTV channels?

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May 28, 2013
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There are many ways to do this but my favorite is to use TRAKT(add on under programs) to keep track of my movies/shows/ and watched status.
It works even better with Genesis ad on.
Another way is: Ok I am doing from memory so bear with me. Start by going to the context menu as above and select add to library for a tv show you want to subscribe to. Then go to system and settings and make sure "show hidden files" is selected. Then from front page select video/files/add video sources or files( can't remember which). Then browse to where your library saves TV Shows. From memory root/android/kodi or xbmc/files/addon data/userdata/TvShows. The show you saved should be there. Select ok select tv database and ok. If done correctly TV Shows should be a new menu item on front page by video. Once you get it done any show saved via context menu to library will auto save to front page. Repeat all for Movies. Try it and if you get stuck it is probably because I remember steps wrong and I can fix when at home.
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