Getting best stream to load


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Dec 19, 2016
When I use addons like Ex**us for example it obviously gives me a list of available streams. I have Real Debrid linked so it shows a good list and the file sizes. I like to select the largest file size available as I want a good quality pic and we have a very good internet speed. However, when it then starts to load the stream it shows that it starts loading the file I selected but often then it scrolls through more streams on the list, which are often lower quality and it seems to be pot luck which one starts playing. Is there anyway I can force the initial stream I selected to load.


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Mar 8, 2014
Usually when it jumps to the next listed option it's because the stream it was attempting to play didn't play..... so it skips to the next available. You can set scapers within URL resolver settings along with the add-on settings itself to enable only your desired scapers.

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Nov 21, 2012
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That is the "smart play" feature of Ex**us. As explained by Slymobi, if the selected link fails, instead of kicking you out and you have to go and select another stream, Ex**us tried the subsequent streams for you until it finds one that works.

If you don't like that feature, you will need to use another addon. SA*TS does not have that smart play feature and will kick you back out to the list of streams available if the one selected fails. Good for some, not good for others. You decide.