GOING to gamble and get rid of DTV.and my wife is against it so........


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Jan 9, 2016
HI EVERYONE BEEN AWHILE 4 long time but never post and i hope this does get posted, i use to really b involved in KODI but i had a 30 foot drop threw a skylight at a job site,soo i been recovering for a long time 37 operations and a lot artificial parts i can still walk n stayed out of a wheelchair but sorry 4 getting of kodi but here is my problem,i have 3 kids and a dog oh yeah and my wife lmao,but now were looking into saving money anyway we can n i sugg. getting rid of direct tv..and just going with the KODI program and she is totally against it cause she sees me on my laptop cussing about KODI all the time but basically we have just using the program to watch new movies and sports and just used a cable from my laptop to the tv that's as far as i used KODI for---- but i said we could save close to 200 bucks a month getting rid of DTV. and getting and......

HERE IS MY PROBLEM GETTING A BOX OR A FIRE STICK that is were I'm so in uneducated on which is the best and the easiest to program and work with to were my wife can use it in case something happens and I'm not around to fix it she also needs her LOCAL stations i have tvs in everyone's room my wife is like how can the watch tv in there rooms and I'm fine with signing up 4 the vpn and the DEBRID so please any help would b awesome i know if this is not a thread that should b here I'm sorry with what has happen to me,we have to start cutting some things or we will lose our house n I'm all ready depressed enough cause i feel like this is all my fault

THANK U VERY MUCH HAPPPY NEW YEAR PLUS just once i like to prove my wife qrong