Gotham OverUnder Playback and Stereoscopic Tagging Problem and Questions


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Jan 14, 2014
Brand new to the forum and a noob to xbmc and, admittedly setting up my NAS (although I've made a lot of progress thanks to XMBCHUB, this forum and umOUCH's videos).

I've been setting up my own NAS (using freeNAS at home on an old Mac Pro), and using an Android based Ouya running XBMC (Gotham Nightly) as the front-end GUI. I've got it working now and am just starting to test with ripped blu-ray discs. While I'm successful with running SBS (Side by Side) 3D movie files (only tested Half-SBS), no OU (TAG) or Half-OU files will work. (Wondering if this is normal/to-be-expected? (Am wondering if my Panasonic VT50 active 3D system even supports OU? Or must I only go SBS for movie files?).

I've also run into a problem with playback when I tag 3d files with stereoscopic tags recognized by Gotham - when I tag SBS movie files on the NAS, XBMC recognizes the movies as stereoscopic and properly gives me options for stereoscopic playback. However when I choose the correct encoded 3d stereoscopic format, my Panasonic VT50 shows double the stereoscopic images. (IE instead of correctly only seeing the two Side by Side (L and R) images - I see 4 images, which resolve to 2 images in 3D when I press the "3D" button on my VT50 remote). Similarly OU files render 4 stacked images total instead of the normal 2. OU files (only Half-OU tested) however do not resolve to 3d when I press the 3d button on my VT50 remote. Is there any way to use the stereoscopic tag but correct the problem of duplicate stereoscopic display?

Thanks for any information or advice. Much appreciated!


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Jul 4, 2014
Similar issue.

1. Half SBS plays nice. no issue.s
2. Half OU palys ok on XBMC 13.1 on windows, but same version on Android (Ouya and TF300, both Tegra 3) act strange.

Strange means:
The preview shows it's Half-OU, but when the movie plays, it will not ask you about 3d viewing like with half-SBS, but instead will just show the movie as if it was not a 3d movie, with one of the halfs cropped and streched. Movie shows 100% fine, just without the 3d properties.
It is as if the movie is cropped and streteched before the 3d layers of XBMC kick in.

Again, no such issues on the Windows version.