HDMI Splitter ?

Lake Camelot

New member
Sep 8, 2013
This may be O/T. I am not sure of an A/V site to ask on. Right now my only HDTV in the living room has two HDMI outputs and a bunch of component connections. I would like to clear off a shelf on my entertainment center that has my DVD's currently. I would like to hook up the following.

Amazon fireTV-(XBMC)-HDMI
Xbox 360-HDMI(Doesn't have to be I guess)


Also have an old original XBOX that it played once in a while, could put here also.

I have a 3 to 1 HDMI splitter. Works fair, not great.switches when unwanted sometimes.
I have a NAS in the bedroom that I only really use on my AFTV and Roku I was thinking of just mounting it to the AFTV

Can anyone think of a way to set up easy switching between all this stuff? I am thinking maybe I need a 5-1 HDMI switch? The Roku must stay. My wife has a subscription to Acorn on it. She lives for it, and it is used the most. It isn't available on AFTV.