Help I deleted the**nel like it said...


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Nov 22, 2013
I switched the thin in miscellaneous like it said to but I kept getting script error so it said...
Once you are up and running... if you get sceipt errors... NOT DOMAIN ERRORS - Shared by: TheWallmartPimp

1. Uninstall the 1Ch**nel add on
2. Go to Settings, then File Manager
3. Go to Profile Directory
4. Go to addon_data
5. Delete the**nel
6. Install the 1Ch**nel add on

Well I did it, now when I click on one channel it does nothing, not even script error. When I click on 1Ch**nel and try and do add on settings it says... This add on can not be configured... All the advise was always perfect, I've never questioned what I have read in this amazing forum. Am I screwed? Thanks :)