HELP. Nvidia shield console won't stream ?


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Jun 1, 2016
Hi I am new on here so please be kind haha.
I have had a Amazon Fire TV box in my bedroom for about 5 weeks and it works really well. I live in the uk and play movies from Ex**us, SA*TS and ****** on it without any issues.
I was so happy with Kodi that I decided to invest in the Nvidia Shield pro console after rave reviews here and elsewhere.
My problem is that I can load Kodi 16.1 straight from the google play store but when I enable the addons through fusion the addons like Ex**us appear and I can navigate but no streams appear or I can only go so far through the menus ? It runs on the same wifi router as the Amazon Fire tv which still works as it always has.
Does anybody have a magic wand ? Is it a setting that I have not enabled ? Any suggestions welcomed.
I am assuming that there are other people with the Nvidia shield that have no issues with Kodi builds and streaming ? It would be nice to hear.
Thank you



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Sep 24, 2013
hi mate,start again.either sideload kodi via es file explorer or from the playstore.
do your usual file manager fusion thing.i generally load up config wizard and addon installer.
then i just install config wizard for android and thats you done.
have a good look round youtube google for other addons for football sky movies etc.all readily avaiable.
livemix in metalkettles repo can be good as is vidtime
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