Help with UpnP and Default selact action


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Jul 7, 2016
Hi guys trying to figure out if it is possible to use the default select action of show information over a UPnP path. I set both my windows server and my mxq pro Android box video settings in file lists for the default select action to show information. It works for local files on each device however when I select the file from my server through the UPnP path on my Android box it starts playing the video file instead of going to the information page. I would like to read the synopsis and watch the trailer and what not before watching the video. Is this possible or am I SOL?


Aug 18, 2013
Never tried it, for this scenario you'd get more of a response over at which is where the people who actually wrote the code are located.

EDIT - I see you posted it over there as well & got no response, which is unusual. If anyone would know it would be them. Looks like you may be SOL :)
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