Hi all, I am JoeSomebody, I am happpy to be here, Happy Holidays all!


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Nov 13, 2013
Hi all, I am JoeSomebody,

How is everyone out there?

So me, well I been on irc forever, since early 90's i think, Yeah I am over 40 LOL

Not too up on forums. also I am new to xbmc and stuff like that, but I am not new to computers, In the late 80's i made custom database apps, last decade or so as a kinda different computer guy for hire. Different = rolling out linux as often as windoze, telling the truth to clients, and helping special needs kids even with linux.

I used to have a band, write songs, etc. Still a kitchen party dude, with a music website in progress, and too many projects, if I ever write any addons up, you will have a new cool guitar thing. Website first :)

Merry Christmas,